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Pay with Points

Use points towards purchases

Use points towards purchases

Redeem your points towards eligible transactions on your statement.
There is an easy and convenient way to get more from your Membership Rewards points – simply use points towards your Card transactions, such as that lunch at a local restaurant or the new smartphone you’ve just treated yourself to.

By logging into your Online Account and clicking on the link “Use Points Towards Purchases”, you will see which transactions are eligible to offset with points. Then it’s just a matter of selecting which of these you wish to redeem your points for and the charge will be offset by a statement credit which you will see within three working days.

Follow the steps below to Use Points Towards Purchases:

1. Log in to your account and click on the link 'Use Points Towards Purchases'

2. Simply select the eligible transactions you want to use your points towards and how many points you want to redeem

3. Once you have confirmed the transactions, Points Towards Purchases credits will appear on your Account within three working days.

Please click here for the full "Use Points Towards Purchases" terms and conditions.